San José Evergreen Community College District Foundation

Our History

Founded in 1982, the San José Evergreen Community College District Foundation serves as an auxiliary organization the San José Evergreen Community College District dedicated solely to philanthropy. The Foundation provides and encourages private philanthropic gifts, serves as an interdependent advisory and advocacy board to the Chancellor of SJECCD, and serves as the fiduciary board which oversees the receipt, investment and distribution of donations for the development and advancement of our two institutions, San José City College and Evergreen Valley College.

Our Mission

San José Evergreen Community College District Foundation (Foundation) will be the leader in supporting student access and success through a sustainable model of partnerships, community, and philanthropy. Our mission is to cultivate and steward resources to ensure and enhance the opportunity for higher education in the community of the San José Evergreen Community College District (District).

The Foundation’s core values and PROMISE to our students and community:

Partnership, Responsibility, Opportunity, Mutual respect, Integrity, Stewardship, and Equity. 

Our Impact

The SJECCD Foundation leads regional collaboration for San José Promise to make college tuition free, student scholarships, growing social venture philanthropy.

In Fiscal Year 2016-17, the SJECCD Foundation awarded 130 students over $131,427 in total scholarships, and employee giving increased by 256%. In 2017, the Foundation launched a new vision for social impact investing. GKollaborative, a nationally-recognized nonprofit consulting firm, provided a rigorous Foundation assessment and strategic direction to create a culture of philanthropy.

City of San José, Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo and Aviation Industry

Sam Liccardo, Mayor of the City of San José nominated the San José Evergreen Community College District Foundation to submit a CommunityWINS grant application, titled Runway to Success, in support of neighborhood stabilization program goals. The Runway to Success program is an industry-driven regional workforce development project created to prepare underrepresented members of our economically disadvantaged target communities with Aviation Technology Mechanic job training to secure high-wage jobs in a high-growth industry sector.

Robert N. Chang Charitable Foundation

The Robert N. Chang Charitable Foundation has awarded over $1,000,000 in total scholarships to San José City College students since its inception in 2002. This scholarship program supports SJCC students who have the highest financial need, demonstrate strong academic performance, continued aspirations for higher educatioPn, and desire to give back to their community. “Continuing my college career would not be possible without the support of the Robert N. Chang Scholarship. This opportunity means the world to me and I will use it to reach my goals. I’m attending San José State University, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. I plan to work with the homeless population of this valley and work to improve their lives. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal and has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community.” - Cody Sampson, Alumni, San José City College, Class of 2016 Valedictorian, Chang Scholar

Serving Our Colleges & Our Community

Silicon Valley is a powerful economic engine in California, which is the 6th largest economy in the world. The innovation which made Silicon Valley famous has not transferred to the social sector sufficiently to mitigate inequality. In time, the outcomes we will achieve in Silicon Valley to shrink inequality and grow the middle class will demonstrate effective practice for the nation. But, for now, the gap of income inequality has widened. The California Budget and Policy Center reports that greater income inequality is associated with greater difficulty for low-income families to climb the economic ladder and greater equity gaps in educational outcomes.

The high cost of living in Silicon Valley triggers out-migration and hinders talent recruitment. Inequality challenges regional planning for transportation, housing and sustainability. Social justice advocates and corporate leaders alike seek to mitigate a perfect storm of disproportionate underemployment and unemployment in communities of color, inadequate educational attainment by the fastest growing populations, unsustainable resource demands, disproportionate incarceration, voter apathy and suppression, and a persistent myth that merit alone matters. Such a myth is aspirational but it masks the reality that our history, systems and policies accrue benefit to some groups more than others. The Community College Center for Economic Mobility serves at the nexus of economic mobility and workforce development as an expression of the San José Evergreen Community College District’s (SJECCD) values of opportunity, equity, and social justice.

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