Policy, Advocacy, Economic Mobility Networks

Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) Education & Workforce Development

The Community College Center for Economic Mobility | SJECCD is a member of the SVLG Education and Workforce Committee. SVLG Education & Workforce Committee Members support and advise the SVLG Education & Workforce Development Policy Team. The SVLG team promotes and champions quality public education through partnerships with local, state, and federal decision makers. SVLG works to ensure the educational system in California and Silicon Valley fosters academic excellence and high quality instruction, while producing world class graduates armed with 21st century skills. The team advocates on behalf of member companies to create a desirable, accessible, and affordable education system ensuring our region and state can remain competitive in the innovation economy. CCCEM was a founding supporter and funder of the SVLG Community College Two Career Initiative – a San Francisco Bay Area regional engagement between community colleges and industry to develop workplace experiences for students.

Alliance for Language Learners’ Integration, Education and Success

The mission of ALLIES is to lead collaborations and catalyze systems change that promote English learner success in education, career and community. ALLIES led the way in developing a comprehensive Immigrant Integration Framework to identify and measure the critical factors for successful immigrant integration. ALLIES partnered with the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education (SBCAE) and Working Partnerships USA to develop the framework, which informed AB-2098 for Adult Education Consortia across California to measure the impact of immigrant integration in their work.

Santa Clara County Opportunity Youth Partnership Strategic Advisory Group

The Community College Center for Economic Mobility is a partner of the The Opportunity Youth Partnership. SCOYP is a collective impact cross-sector partnership committed to building a seamlessly integrated opportunity ecosystem that ensures young people can easily get from wherever they are to wherever they want to be. Formed in 2013, the OYP convenes public systems, community-based organizations, education providers, elected officials, and the business community in order to better coordinate supports and resources across Santa Clara County. The OYP’s goal is to ensure every Opportunity Youth has a pathway back to education and onward to career employment. The OYP is a member of the Opportunity Youth Forum, a national network convened by the Aspen Institute’s Forum for Community Solutions. OYP is one of 24 communities across the country collaborating to improve practice and connect the organizations and systems that Opportunity Youth rely on for support and stability.

Aspen Institute Ascend Network | Two Generations, One Future

The Community College Center for Economic Mobility is a member of the Apen Ascend Network. The Ascend Network is a national network of practitioners, policymakers, philanthropic leaders, and researchers advancing two-generation approaches for whole-family outcomes. Since the launch of the Ascend Network in 2014, Network Partners have spurred significant shifts in the field through two-generation efforts. Being a member of the Ascend Network is a powerful and special opportunity to learn and connect with others around the country committed to identifying, developing, and implementing two-generation approaches. The goal of the Aspen Institute Ascend Network is to mobilize and activate leaders and organizations to influence policy and practice changes that increase economic security, educational success, social capital, and health and well-being for children, parents, and their families. Ascend Network membership now includes 250 partners from over 42 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.