Abdul Idris

Senior Accounting Technician


I am originally from Ethiopia and was fortunate that my parents were able to send me to India for education. Coming from a country that has low opportunities, I am grateful and proud every day to serve this disadvantaged community which reminds me of my background.

Alexandra Duran

Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Innovation


As an immigrant Latina from an economically disadvantaged family I offer a unique lens to relate and serve the needs of diverse populations. I am committed to meeting the diverse educational and workforce needs of our region. I firmly believe that by doing so, we can effectively prepare individuals for more prosperous lives.

Ana Rosa Camacho

Transition Specialist


I learned the value of community involvement at 7 years old. When our village had running water and electricity for the first time in Mexico. Community transformation has fueled my college years and professional career. I’m supporting immigrants and community members achieve their education, employment and economic goals.

Corrine Gonzales

Executive Assistant


I am an Executive Assistant at a community college that prides itself on economic mobility. Raised in East San José by a single mother who struggled financially and a current student at Evergreen Valley College I can relate to the majority of our students. I now have a job that can provide for my family, a job that I am proud of, supporting a staff that is making a difference in our community.

Gina Muñoz

Student Retention Assistant


As a Mexican/American mother to two children before the age of 25, I vowed to become an example to my boys to never give up pursuing your dream. While balancing motherhood and working full time I obtained a college degree and followed my heart pursuing a position to be an advocate for children then later for the lower socio-economic community members who aren’t aware of resources available to them. I feel that being a part of the Center for Economic Mobility and SparkPoint at the San José Evergreen Community College District allows me support students and these community members to achieve their financial and educational goals.

Gina Riccitelli

Transition Specialist

Kishan Vujjeni

Director, Adult and Noncredit Education


Now more than ever, higher education is the road to wealth creation. My wealth of experience combined with academic and workforce training enabled me to effectively serve low socio-economic adult population of Silicon Valley making equality of opportunity a reality for many.

Megan Crossfield

Project Supervisor


As a natural compassionate caregiver I have always been drawn to supporting others, even as a young child. I am a life-long learner dedicated to expanding my knowledge in pursuit to support others. Through my experience as a student with a learning disability and achieving my masters in counseling, I have learned how to offer students the suitable encouragement and motivation to achieve their dreams.

Richard Abare

Research Analyst


As an adult college graduate, I understand first-hand the critical role education plays in economic mobility and opportunity. I've been fortunate to spend the last seven years working in the field of education as an analyst, operations researcher and tutor and I am driven by my experience to use my skills to support the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education to the nest of my ability. Silicon Valley is a place of incredible opportunity and I believe that education is crucial for accessing this opportunity and paramount to a just society and an equitable democracy.

Shana Carter

Senior Division Administrative Assistant


As a San José native and mom to two teenagers, I have a hometown perspective on what it takes to make our community great. Providing comprehensive administrative support to the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education, I work every day to ensure that more of our families have an opportunity to benefit from the innovation that made this valley famous. I’m passionate about serving adult learners and giving back to San José.

Vanessa Muñiz

Director, SparkPoint


I am a product of the American dream coming from a Mexican immigrant family who settled in the central valley as farm laborers turned business owners. Growing up in a small community, and working in the family business, taught me the value of education, tenacity, work ethic and community. At my core -as first-gen college graduate- family, community and lasting impact drive my passion in the work that I do.