Silicon Valley Career Pathways

Silicon Valley Career Pathways (SVCP) is Northern California’s largest network of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and career programs. SVCP is creatively leveraging two major multi-million dollar grants with a common purpose of creating STEM opportunities for underrepresented populations.

Some SVC Programs:

Career Planning at MAPin

Situated within the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education campus, MAPin is the student support service branch of SVCP, and works with college, high school, middle school, and adult students to foster career awareness and development by providing services that make academic and professional goals a reality.

In the past two years, MAPin has served over 1200 students in various capacities including individual appointments, workshops and events that foster career and educational awareness among underrepresented students.


In association with partners such as Growth Sector, SVCP offers solutions for students entering college at developmental levels in Math bringing them from pre-algebra to Calculus in one year. The STEM Core program is a cohort based, block schedule learning community hosted at nine partner community colleges. Students in the program also enroll in engineering and computer science courses to better understand their fields of study. STEM Core students are also provided with wraparound academic and social support including supplemental instruction, tutoring, and internships.

Link to STEM Core program and 2017 summer internship video:

Pathway Days

The Pathway Days are events organized by SVCP and a partner community college. This industry related Career Pathways Student Conference brings together companies such as, Google, PayPal, Tesla, and Cisco to participate in interactive panels and breakout sessions, in which students hear personal and career stories from Silicon Valley industry experts.


The MAPin boot camps are a week-long event that feature an industry professional from one of our 15 pathways and are designed to teach students supplementary skills they may not have access to until they are working professionals. Our boot camps are open to middle school and high school students.


Over 14,000 students served across the region in past two years. The primary programs contributing to this success are the MAPin, the boot camps, the industry driven high school courses and the STEM Core program.
A documentary about the STEM Core program was developed to highlight this program’s success. It includes interviews from students, members of SVCP, Growth Sector, educators, and industry professionals. As of late the video has garnered over 200 views and been well received by educators and state legislators.

Our Impact:

“I feel like STEM Core has put me in a lot of positions that I probably wouldn’t have normally put myself in. Like for example, this programming stuff, I’m not really like, computer inclined, so it just showed me that I’m capable of doing computers, programming, all kinds of different things…I feel like I gained a lot from just being more open as far as academics and other things in life as well.” Willie Santos, 2016-2017 SJCC STEM Core Student

“One of the things I like about working with Silicon Valley Career Pathways is that it gives students options in terms of careers, something that I wish I had when I was in high school…I would definitely participate again.” David Lemos, Project Analyst, SamTrans at a SVCP Student Event

"This has been the most important event knowing that we’re helping to develop kids for the future in possible leadership roles and technology roles. I found this to be very rewarding in giving back to the community and the kids.” Vicki Jeska, Director Human Resources, AbbVie at a MAPin event offered in partnership with SJCC Milpitas Center