Why Economic Mobility

We Are Taking a Different Approach

Traditionally, community college workforce development approaches have focused first on industry sector workforce needs in the name of being responsive. We believe that these common sense approaches, while well-intended, leave too many behind while companies continue to struggle to achieve the diverse and skilled workforce needed in a global economy. We are taking a different approach.

The SJECCD Community College Center for Economic Mobility (CCCEM) uses an equity lens to focus first on families in our richly diverse communities who seek educational opportunity and economic mobility. This cradle-to-career engagement with our community grows a talent pipeline that is more diverse, equitable and sustainable for the future competitiveness of our regional economy.

Committed to SJECCD values of equity, opportunity, and social justice, the CCCEM is growing capacity to positively impact economic mobility by strengthening college access, increasing equity in educational outcomes, developing workplace talent and organizational potential, forging resource-rich partnerships and networks, and cultivating effective policy and practices that shape opportunity.

While CCCEM programs include South Bay Consortium for Adult Education, Customized Training & Education, Silicon Valley Career Pathways, and SparkPoint San José, we produce strategic partnerships and workforce innovation from multiple strategies.

We hope you can see exciting and innovative strategies that reflect our expansive conviction that we can help make the complex ecology of opportunity fit together like pieces of a puzzle. When all the pieces fit, we make real the promise of higher education for a better life, economy, and democracy.