Spark Point San José

SparkPoint San José is a financial capability program providing students and community members integrated, co-located service providers, who’s mission and common goal is to improve participants financial health. SparkPoint staff provides a holistic approach to ensure that participants overcome financial barriers that directly impact their economic mobility and self-sufficiency.

SparkPoint San José is part of a regional United Way Bay Area network of financial capability centers designed to serve individuals and families who are working to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

SparkPoint Services Provided:


Our Impact

Looking to tackle your financial challenges and build a brighter future for yourself and your family? Here’s what one of our clients shared:

Since I’ve been a part of SparkPoint I have received the proper life skills to strengthen my financial literacy. I find myself budgeting, saving money wisely, and have cleared one of my debts. The confidence that grew from that has encouraged me to spread this resource to others by doing outreach work [as a student at EVC] and I am sincerely grateful for this program.

Zulma Burgos-Arce, Evergreen Valley College Student