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The San Jose-Evergreen Community College District partners with a diverse array of companies and organizations across industries applying performance based solutions to ensure training that works. We provide educational and training opportunities for working ​​professionals and job seekers to stay current in the highly competitive Silicon Valley job market.

We are a one-stop resource for developing and implementing customized training. Because we are based in Silicon Valley, we can draw from a pool of highly experienced trainers with real-world, high tech business, and manufacturing experience. Serving Silicon Valley since 1988, we have deep experience in customizing training solutions that align with professional development and organizational objectives.

​ ​  • Customized, performance-based solutions provide the right training and the right tools at the right time.

 ​  • One-stop resource for a wide range of entry-level through leadership development programs.

 ​  • Scalable solutions provide responsive support to your needs both ​now and in the future.

 ​  • ​Training conveniently facilitated at your location or at our state-of-the-art facility in San Jose.

How Customized Training Works

We partner with organizations to develop a highly skilled workforce empowered to achieve bottom line performance objectives. We design quality, competency-based, training and education programs that are performance oriented and directly linked to your organization's strategic goals.

We implement a four-step process to guide you in meeting your workforce skill development needs.

1. Front-End Analysis

We start by clearly defining your organization's goals and strategic objectives. The first step is to determine what level of employee performance is needed. The current performance level is assessed, barriers to closing the "performance gap" are identified, and performance outcomes and learning objectives are established.

2. Development

The second step is to identify training and work environment solutions. Working closely with Human Resources, performance-based programs are designed in a format that is aligned with learning objectives and encourages maximum skill development. Customized course content often includes documentation actually used in the workplace.

3. Implementation

Program implementation is the third step. We work closely with management and other key stakeholders to ensure learning support is in place throughout the entire process. Application of new skills is emphasized during the training sessions and continues even after completion of the program.

4. Evaluation & Measuring Impact

The last step is to assist in the evaluation of workforce performance improvement and strategies for keeping the newly acquired skills alive.


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